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6 ‘Pest’ Peeves of Working in the Pest Control Industry

April 3, 2017

People aren’t shy about reporting their biggest pet peeves in their workplaces. Every job has its ups and downs, and every individual has their own, personalized list of little things that grind their gears. 

But having been in the pest control industry for over 20 years, we think we’ve got a pretty universal list of ‘pest peeves’ that every technician in the field could agree on.

Here are our top 6 that we’d like to share with you:


1. The bug-apocalpyse

Okay, let’s be serious – do you REALLY have bees, roaches, ants, termites, rats, AND bed bugs all attacking your house in a joint military campaign?

Before you send in an online request and indicate that your house is infested with every pest known to man, do keep in mind that the key to a quick and efficient pest extermination service is an accurate status report.

2. Seriously, who let the dogs out?

We have to side with the mail carriers on this one – dogs aren’t every man’s best friend.

You might not realize this, but many dogs switch into ‘protection mode’ when a stranger enters their territory. No matter how much you assure us that your dog is friendly and wouldn’t harm a soul, we have absolutely no idea how your dog could behave once you’re out of the home.

It’s understandable to think that there are some technicians out there that get lazy, choosing better ways to spend a fine, summer afternoon instead of servicing your backyard. But when your 130-lb Rottweiler is eyeing us like a juicy slab of ribeye off the grill, you really can’t blame us for getting a tad anxious!

3. A miscommunication

It’s very common for pest control technicians to get customers who say they’ve never gotten a reminder call the day before the service.

However, what the customers don’t realize is that the technicians usually have very specific notes stating otherwise. But hey, things could happen! We’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, no questions asked.

4. Open sesame… or not

This happens more frequently that you’d think, which is why we always throw you a friendly reminder the day before the service. But alas, man is a forgetful creature.

Ask any pest control technician in the industry: we’ve all had customers that forget to leave their gates unlocked for us to work our magic. As much as we’d LIKE to get rid of your pests, there really isn’t much we can do if we can’t access the site of infestation.

And honestly, even if we were able to find our way in, we can’t have your neighbours thinking we’re trespassing onto your property.

In case you’re wondering, we don’t gain anything out of a delayed service, either. Not only will we have to lug our equipment there and back with nothing to show for it, we’ll probably have to go through the strenuous process of trying to figure out the next time we should stop by again.

5. Nature can be a real mother

Some pest control techniques require the weather to be dry for a couple of days to be effective. So you can imagine our frustration when Mother Nature decides to rain on our parade.

We’d like to give our humble thanks to meteorologists for helping us avoid going through such tragedies…most of the time. But until Magical Weather Control becomes a thing, Mother Nature is going to keep its spot on our list.

6. Don’t hate us for saying this: sometimes, it really is the customer’s fault

Our pest control technicians will always tell you where and what to clean so that invaders don’t come scuttling back into your home. Thorough and consistent after-care is key to the long-term success of any pest management service!

German cockroaches, for one, aren’t the type to give up after a couple of losing bouts. So when you find that they start re-populating your home, you probably didn’t follow the cleaning advice that our technicians have given you!

Remember, it’s your home, and your responsibility. With zealous pests such as the German roach, we specifically write in the contract that if proper cleaning techniques aren’t utilized, we won’t be able to offer a warranty.

But rest assured, regardless of the obstacles that blocks our way, we’ll always strive to provide you with effective pest management solutions that will keep unwanted visitors out of your home.

Magical Pest knows how to efficiently eliminate pest infestations for good, relying on safe and proven methods that set the standards of the industry. To learn more about our pest control service, contact us today! 

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