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Terminix / Magical Pest Control stays current on all issues related to pests and extermination. In addition to helping our customers eliminate pests, we have a wealth of industry resources to help you prevent infestations, minimize their damage, and otherwise ensure your home or business remains a safe & sanitary pest-free environment.

Browse through our collection of recent blogs related to bed bugs, ants, bees, wasps & hornets, and other common household pests. For more information on these pests, visit the archives listed below.

The Importance of Autumn Pest Control

There’s plenty to ‘fall’ in love with during Canadian autumns. The foliage is to die for. The sunsets are otherworldly. And the climate is cool and crisp. Best of all, we’re done with summer pests.

Three Bats to Watch Out for in Toronto

At Terminix Canada, we proudly offer bat removal services throughout Toronto. And with our expertise, we feel responsible to give you the heads-up on what bats to keep your head up for in the Greater Toronto Area!

Can Mice Feel Empathy?

Let’s be honest. Mice are not one of the affable creatures in the animal kingdom. Even Mickey Mouse’s resounding success has done nothing for their public perception.

Insect Hollywood: Household Pests Made for the Big Screen

You’ve been given hundreds of million dollars to write, produce and direct a movie, carte blanche- except for one catch. Your benefactor has a specific idea in mind for your foray into Hollywood: they want the lead role to go to a – wait for it – bug. A six legged, creepy, crawly bug.