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Fact or Fiction? The Truth about A Few Common Pest Myths

October 16, 2015

We all hear about DIY pest treatments, get-rid-of-pests quick solutions, and ways to prevent pest infestations in the first, but how much of it is actually true? Most of the time having easy access to information is useful; however, there are times when the information we stumble upon is just plain wrong. Below we explore a few common pieces of pest advice, and determine which are true and which are fiction.

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Bed Bug True and False

If you place your bed outside overnight in the winter, the cold will kill the bed bugs.

FALSE! Bed bug fact: Bed bugs can survive for days – even weeks – in very cold temperatures. The weather has to remain below -38 Celsius in order to freeze bed bugs. This isn’t exactly the most practical bed bug treatment!

Over-the-counter treatments will not get rid of bed bugs.

TRUE! Bed bug fact: A lot of consumers get fooled thinking that bed bugs sprays and other over-the-counter bed bug treatments will get rid of their bed bugs. Unfortunately this is not the case. Bed bugs have developed immunities to common household treatments available to homeowners over-the-counter. The best way to get rid of bed bugs is by hiring a professional pest control company, as they have professional-grade treatments to get rid of bed bugs and other pests.

Ant True and False

Ants can be used to predict the weather.

TRUE! Ant Fact: Before a heavy rainstorm arrives, workers ants scurry to their ant hole before the storm arrives. The last ant to enter will close the entrance hole so that the mound does not get flooded. Keep an eye on ants, and at least you’ll be prepared for a heavy rainstorm!

Sprinkle grits on the counter to provide a barrier against ants.

FALSE! Ant Fact: You are better off saving the grits and eating them for dinner, as they are not a treatment for ants. Actually, ants may enjoy grits just as much as you do – they’re always on the hunt for a food source. Keep in mind some other DIY treatments may work – for instance some homeowners say spices such as cayenne DO work to keep ants at bay.

Mice True and False

Rodents can get through tiny spaces because they have no bones.

FALSE! Mice fact: Mice, rats and other rodents do in fact have skeletons. They have very flexible bones that allow them to squeeze into surprisingly tiny spaces.

If you see mice around during the day, it means there is a huge infestation nearby.

FALSE! Mice fact: Though mice and most rodents are mostly nocturnal, they do come out during the day, occasionally. Seeing a rodent during the day isn’t necessarily a harbinger of a large mice or rat infestation nearby.

Mice like cheese and are attracted to cheese.

FALSE! Mice fact: Though cheese was once used for mice bait because it was cheap and readily available, it’s not more attractive to mice than any number of other foods. Today peanut butter, fruit, bacon or even chocolate work just as well.

Household pests are an unwelcome problem in your home and are far from being kept as guests. Ants and bed bugs are common household pests found in Ontario homes, and their invasion can be an issue. It is highly suggested you get a professional pest control treatment.

If you detect common household pests in your home, do not hesitate to contact Magical Pest. Contact us today to discover the ways we can help you get the right pest treatment.

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