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Fact or Fiction: You Live Your Entire Life Within 6 Feet of a Spider?

May 8, 2015

We’ve all heard some variation of this myth: You can’t go anywhere where you aren’t within 6 feet of a spider.

The distance is slightly variable, usually somewhere in the 3 to 10 foot range, however the idea behind it is always the same: no matter where you are, you are close to spiders. It’s quite a scary thought for the many arachnophobes out there! But is there any truth to it?

proximity of spiders in canada

Unfortunately… yes!

The sheer volume of spiders worldwide makes it quite probable. Spiders outnumber the human population by a lot (by exactly how much is difficult to pinpoint). This means there are tens of billions, or even trillions of spiders out there.

Scientists have speculated about the population density of a variety of different species of spiders, and most of them fall well within the 1 spider per 3 feet ratio. And that’s separating out individual types of spiders! As you can imagine, there are many, many different species of spiders that occupy any given habitat. To get rid of enough spiders to clear a radius of 6 feet, even in a human habitat, would be extremely challenging if not impossible.

So, yes, it seems quite easy to say that it’s likely you will spend most of your life in close proximity to one spider or another spider.

Are there Any Exceptions to the Rule?

Most spiders are terrestrial in nature, so when you’re swimming or otherwise floating out and about on a body of water, it’s less likely that you’re in close proximity to a spider. (Though there are some species of water spiders, and boats have been known to have spider stowaways, so you never know!)

When you’re located indoors or in other unnatural habitats (such as Astroturf), it’s a little more likely that you’ve managed to thwart the rule. However, there are many species of spiders that live and thrive indoors – such as house spiders and cellar spiders.

Cold or Arctic Habitats
Though the freezing cold seems like a reasonable place to ditch any unwanted spider pals, studies have shown that even in the Arctic, there are spiders in a density of .5 spiders per metre! Same goes for winter. Though many types of spiders die during the winter, others thrive indoors, and others hibernate underneath all that snow.

In Transport
When you’re on the move – i.e. in an airplane, train, car or other mode of transportation it’s less likely you’re in extremely close proximity to a spider, though once again it’s not unheard of. And if you’re close enough to a window, spiders on the outside of the vehicle might still fall within the acceptable range.

What Does This Mean?

You’ve lived your entire life so far without feeling like spiders are closing in on you (hopefully!) Now you know that getting rid of spiders is impossible, so you might as well get used to them!

In most cases you won’t even be aware of the spiders in your proximity, so there’s no need to be alarmed or change the way you live. Most of the spiders nearby will be unknown to you, and species of spiders commonly found in Ontario tend to be harmless anyway.

If you do encounter spiders that disrupt your home or routine, Magical Pest Control can help. We get rid of spider infestations that are challenging for homeowners to get eliminate on their own, such as a sac of newly hatched spiderlings or any other problematic spiders that pose a threat to you. Call us at (905) 738-6676 to set up an inspection to get rid of spiders now.

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