I heard that pest control can help clear up asthma – is this true?

Terminix Canada prides itself in taking care of your needs – and that extends further than merely removing pests from your home. Certain pests, like cockroaches, have the ability to trigger asthma and various health conditions due to the viruses they carry and transmit.

With Terminix Canada, your health always comes first. With that in mind, our pest solutions are focused on removing any threat to our clients, their families, and health.

My current pest control company has been treating my facility with sprays for a few months now due to a pest problem, yet the bugs are still returning. Why isn’t this working?

Pest treatment and management truly goes beyond simple pesticide applications. In order to get to the root of the problem, it is essential that an entire, thorough inspection takes place in your facility. Experts should come in, assess damage and problematic areas, pointing out what should be sealed off, and what’s making your premises a hotspot for pests.

Pesticides are a reactive solution – chances are, once you’re seeing pests, the situation is already out of control. Terminix Canada provides proactive solutions, knowing that pesticides are only useful when targeting a specific breed of pest. The use of pesticides in the wrong situation can cause infestations to escalate.

I’ve been hearing sounds in my attic and ceiling – what could be up there?

If the sounds you are hearing are light scratches and scurrying, either in your ceilings or walls, then the pests in your home are very likely to be mice. There are several ways of treating your home for mice on your own, or you can contact Terminix Canada to quickly treat these rodents and any offspring.

I know that I have a pest problem, but I’m not sure what kind of pest it is, or where they are coming from. How do I find out this information in order to get rid of it?

Terminix Canada always tries to make the pest removal process as simplistic and straightforward as possible. Our Pest Library aids you in identifying what type of pest is infesting your home, office, or work, as well as offering approaches to help remove them, and prevent future outbreaks.

If you’ve tried researching the specific pest on our website already, and didn’t find what you’re looking for, please give us a call at 905-738-6676. Our knowledgeable staff can either identify it over the phone, or arrange a free inspection that will assess the damage and patterns of the pest, identify the source, and provide recommendation for treatment solutions.

Will the sprays and products used affect humans?

Terminix Canada prioritizes quality control in our treatment services through gentle and environmentally safe products that cause no harm to humans.

Each of the materials applied have been approved to be used in public places, hospitals, and schools. If you are curious about what a specific product contains, please visit our downloads page, where we have prepared MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) of our products for you to examine.

Do I really need to hire a pest control professional or can I take action myself?

There are many do-it-yourself options for pest control in businesses and homes, but the complications that arise could prove to be too overwhelming.

A tremendous amount of knowledge, training, preparation goes into treating pest problems in a safe and effective manner. Hiring a true specialist guarantees you receive the correct course of treatment that doesn’t jeopardize the building, property, or its tenants.

Terminix Canada helps you identify the correct pest control solution, and choose the right course of precautionary action for future prevention. The materials employed are specific to the situation and environment, carried out in a safe way that produces long-lasting results.

How often should Pest Control treatment be done?

In order to prevent future problems, and manage any previous issues, pest control treatment should be applied in your home or office at regular intervals – no longer than twelve months.

Shorter periods in between treatments are recommended for properties located in certain environmental conditions, so be sure to contact Terminix Canada in order to get a specific answer for your location.

How do I prevent bed bugs from entering my home?

Even the cleanest homes and hotels can have bed bugs.

Regular cleaning and upkeep, including vacuuming your mattress, can help prevent any infestations. Cleaning up clutter reduces the number of places bed bugs can reside, too.

Be careful when buying used furniture or clothes. Make sure to inspect the used item, and feel free to ask the retailer if the items were checked for bed bugs. Same idea when bringing home used furniture or clothes from the curb side: these items may be infested with bed bugs!

If you’re traveling, ensure you’re taking the following precautions:

  • Inspect the room and furniture: inspect all cracks and crevices of the mattress and box spring, and look for blood spots or live insects. Request a different room if you find evidence of beg bugs.
  • Protect your luggage: keep all belongings in your luggage and wrap your luggage in plastic to help prevent bed bugs from entering your luggage. Keep luggage on the shelf or away from the floor.
  • Protect the bed: move the bed away from the wall, tuck in all bed sheets and keep blankets from touching the floor.
  • Upon returning home: keep your luggage in an isolated area of your home, such as the garage. Inspect the luggage. Wash all your clothes in the hottest water possible and put them in a hot dryer for 20 minutes.