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Get Rid of Mice and Keep Them Out of Your House Once and For All

January 8, 2016

When cold weather comes, everyone heads indoors and that includes mice and rodents. Hopefully they do not head for your home! In the event they do, here are some surefire methods to keep mice and rodents out of your home this winter.

get rid of mice and rodents mouse trap

Mice will seek a warm home for the winter and any crack, crevice or hole in your house means, welcome! Put out the “Not Welcome” sign this winter! The easiest way in for mice and rodent, is through a garage that has an internal door to the house. It’s easy for mice to get into the garage—and enticing if you leave garbage there. Once they’re in, it’s not too tough for them to get in through the internal door. Remember, keep the door shut when not in use, and ensure there are no spaces or cracks around the door to prevent mice from entering when it’s shut. If mice are still getting into your home after these fixes and you aren’t sure how, lay down mousetraps to kill them.

Seal Holes and Cracks

Mice can fit through tiny openings, much smaller than you might think. So make sure that any cracks or holes around your foundations, and windows or doors are filled with concrete, putty or other sealants. Tiny cracks around conduits for wires or pipes or outside vents might seem too small for a mouse, but they’re not! They’re easy access ways into your home, so seal these as well to get rid of mice, and prevent mice from returning each cold season.

 Remove Food Temptation

Mice are attracted to food or the smell of garbage. If you can remove any temptations around the house, they may choose to spend the winter with your neighbor. Removing food, means keeping garbage cans well sealed and cleaning any scraps that may litter the bottom or the outside of a garbage can. Remember to get rid of your garbage regularly, since even the best-sealed container will begin to reek of tempting food for mice over time.

 Stray Food Tempts Stray Mice

Look for other traces of food outside your home before winter. These could include food in or under your BBQ, bird food scattered around a shed from your bird feeder and old dog or cat food, or even old fruit from trees in your card. Also make sure to check for food that has fallen between the wooden boards of your deck, and even food in the crevices of lawn furniture. Take these precautions, and get rid of mice before they can become a problem. Without these food sources to attract them near your home, mice won’t bother. Mice also love to chew on cardboard, so don’t leave boxes lying around outside your home.

 Remove Any Potential Mouse Hotels

Mice like to make their home beneath protective material. If you have piles of construction material, firewood or even piles of leaves in a corner of the yard, you have a potential hotel for mice or rodents. Make a clean sweep around your home. Remember, preventative pest control before winter comes is key to preventing mice from being attracted to your yard when the cold weather hits. If mice have already found their way into your home, (a sure sign is mouse droppings) contact a rodent control expert to access the situation.

Cats and Dogs are a Deterrent

 Your cat or dog probably dislikes other animals travelling through or living in their territory. The same goes for mice. Not only will they often kill mice or rodents living outside your home (and bring back their unfortunate catch), they are also permanent guardians to keep your yard free of mice.

Need help with Pest Control or Extermination? Magical Pest Control is based in Toronto, but services Southern Ontario, from Niagara Falls to Ottawa. If you have a problem with mice or rodents contact us! We’re happy to help with your rodent problem, and get rid of mice infesting your home.

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