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Call us at (905) 738-6676

Residential Services

Residential Services

Magical Pest Control’s range of residential pest control services ensure your home remains safe and healthy.

Magical Pest Control is the largest residential pest control service provider to residential homes, condos and rental properties in Toronto and outlying areas. We provide safe and effective pest extermination for thousands of satisfied residents on a monthly basis. We understand the pest problems our customers face and we strive to supply pest control solutions that minimize the stress caused by pest problems. Our highly educated and experienced staff are trained in pest extermination, and take action to clear your pest issues as soon as possible.

Magical Pest Control provides pest extermination solutions for every pest commonly found in Toronto. Our residential pest control services include:

  • Bed Bugs
  • Birds
  • Bees, Wasps and Hornets
  • Rodents
  • Cockroaches
  • Termites
  • Ants
  • And more!

Our staff are trained to work with you to determine the best method of pest extermination and design a safe, effective pest control program for your property. We supply information ahead of time, including a variety of information packages so that everyone in your household is kept informed throughout the pest control process.

If you’ve discovered pests in your home, allow Magical Pest Control to evaluate and assist in your pest problems. We are determined to relieve you of the stress and mess that pests can cause, and implement preventative methods to reduce the risk of pests infiltrating your home in the future.

No one understands the complexity of the pest control business better than us. As a leader in residential pest control services, we have decades of experience helping Toronto-area families through difficult pest situations. Contact us now or call (905) 738-6676 for a free quote and phone consultation.

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