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Pest Prevention

Pest Extermination and Exclusion Gets Rid of Pests and Keeps Them Away

Magical Pest Control employs a pest management method called integrated pest management (IPM). An effective IPM strategy is composed of four unique sections: prevention, observation, intervention, and finally, exclusion.

While the first three stages are fairly straight-forward, many people are unaware that exclusion, or employing preventative pest and animal control measures to eliminate potential problems before they occur, is also a necessary part of any pest and animal control program.

How Pest Exclusion Prevents Pest Problems and Saves You Money

Pest exclusion is intended to keep pests and wildlife out of your home before they have a chance to become a problem. Pest exclusion methods range from temporary solutions that have a short-term effect (such a sprays and deterrents), to permanent past management solutions that require no further attention beyond the initial implementation (such as vent covers).

With Magical Pest Control’s unique combination of sanitation, pest extermination (when required) and pest exclusion, your home will remain a pest-free zone for the foreseeable future.

We work with you to determine the best method of pest control to keep pests and animals out. Our goal is determine solutions that are effective but require as little maintenance as possible. This can include structural modifications which deter nests and roosting, to covers and nets that keep pests out, to chemical sprays that act as short-term deterrents.

We recommend preventative pest control methods to our customers, especially when it comes to animal control, as exclusion often requires only small changes that can make a big difference in stopping a problem before it occurs, and prevent the need for more expensive pest extermination treatments down the road.

Let Magical help you make your home a safer place by providing preventative pest control options to pest-proof your home. Contact us to schedule a consultation today.

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