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Getting Rid of Spiders With Magical Pest Control’s Targeted Extermination

Spiders are familiar houseguests that quickly overstay their welcome. They crawl into homes through cracks and crevasses, open doors, windows, and screens, and make nests in damp, dark, warm places. Spider infestations are very common in homes, as their population outnumbers humans 18 to 1. Thankfully, most spiders in Ontario aren’t a threat to humans, but even a small spider invasion can turn into a full-blown takeover quicker than you think; a single spider’s egg sac can contain 100-500 eggs, and typically females produce several sacs over the season.

A spider infestation can be disruptive and troublesome, so the best way to tackle removing them is to call a professional pest removal company. Magical Pest Control makes getting rid of spiders easy, by using safe and effective treatments to kill spiders currently living in your home, and prevent infestations from occurring and reoccurring. Call Magical Pest Control’s spider extermination team to book an inspection and create a tailored pest removal plan.

Need help controlling a spider infestation? Call Magical Pest Control at (905) 738-6676 or fill out our form to discuss how we can help.

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