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Keep Snakes Off of Your Property

professional-snake-removal-torontoWhen you signed your mortgage to become a residential homeowner, a garden filled with snakes wasn’t part of the deal. Most North American snakes aren’t venomous, but the sight of one will give most people a year’s worth of nightmares.

And while snakes may be comfortable within the confines of shrubbery, long grass, and woodpiles in your yard, they’ll happily slither into small cracks in your home’s foundation. Once they’ve found their way into your living space, they’ll seek refuge in basements, crawl spaces, and attics.

Snakes usually find their way into your home come winter time—a behaviour called hibernaculum. They’re difficult to locate because they remain immobile until it’s warmer outside.

Snake Removal in Toronto

Terminix Canada’s long list of wildlife removal services include residential snake control.

Our humane and environmentally friendly pest control methods are guaranteed to get rid of your snake problem. We’ll utilize exclusion as a preventative measure, removing any potential habitats and hiding spots, encouraging the snake to find their own way off your residential property. If a snake has slithered into your living space, we’ll apply our proven techniques to successfully locate, neutralize, and remove any snake infestation in your home.

Even if they aren’t venomous, snakes are still dangerous and liable to bite when they feel threatened. To ensure your family’s safety, it’s best to leave snake control to the professionals at Terminix Canada. Our residential pest control services will ensure your home is protected for the long-term.

Leave your snake infestationto the professionals at Terminix Canada

Handling and removing snakes from your residential property can be dangerous - the professional exterminators at Terminix can manage your snake problem safely.

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