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Get Rid of Raccoons in Your Yard

It’s what no residential home owner wants to wake up to. After getting soaked in garbage juice taking out the trash the night before, you’re met with torn bags, toppled bins, and garbage littering your yard.


Yes, the notorious neighbourhood raccoons have vandalized your property again.

And while they’re easy to stop from navigating their way into your home, they’re difficult to remove once they’re set up on your roof, under your porch, or even in your walls.

Raccoon Extermination in Toronto

Terminix Canada’s wildlife removal services extends to residential raccoon control, keeping your family safe and your yard tidy.

With strict bylaws that surround trapping raccoons, we only employ environmentally-safe & humane methods to get rid of raccoons. We prefer a proactive approach, safeguarding your home preventively from raccoon infestations. But if you already have a raccoon problem, we utilize exclusion, encouraging the raccoons to naturally find their way off your residential property.

And because raccoons are known carriers of diseases – namely rabies – Terminix Canada’s professional wildlife control service ensures your family’s safety as we manage your raccoon infestation.

Keep your disposable trash bag bills manageable withTerminix’s Raccoon Extermination services in Toronto!

Contact us today to see how we can get rid of raccoons that have invaded your residence.

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