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Exterminate Pests, and Keep Your Space Safe and Healthy With Magical Pest

Magical Pest Control offers an abundance of pest extermination services and packages that address your pest control needs, as well as additional services that help keep your home or business clean and safe. We examine your situation carefully in order to provide you with the best methods of pest control for your situation. To maintain a pest-free zone in your space, we offer  pest control treatments that address all of the most common pests found in Ontario.

Aside from setting traps and eliminating pests, Magical Pest Control also focuses on several other problematic issues that household and commercial building owners face.

Our most common pest control treatments include:

In addition to pest control treatments, we offer:

Rather than simply providing our services in a reactive situation (removing bugs only after they’ve established themselves as an annoyance and caused destruction) Magical Pest Control offers preventative services. We ensure that the bugs will not re-enter or cause further problems.

Each of our services, including residential, commercial services, begin by thoroughly inspecting the area and informing you of current issues or warning signs for potential pest control issues. Magical Pest Control then presents you with options to handle the situation and eliminate potential threats.

For each unique situation, our reputable and licensed pest control professionals provide a fast and flexible solution, and fully customized prevention and treatment plans.

Magical Pest Control also offers you informative tips and provides further information on our website about how we can help you in the areas listed above. Browse around to see which services you require, or contact us directly to learn more about our action plans that will assist in removing these worries, and aiding your home or business with protection.

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