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Bed Bugs Bite (Video)

The Discovery Channel’s Verminators Destroys Bed Bugs with ThermaPureHeat®

“Bed Bugs Bite” is a recent episode on the popular Discovery Channel’s Verminators show in which ThermaPureHeat® is featured. In this episode, Mike Masterson of ISOTECH Pest Management, a ThermaPure® licensee, takes his crew and the Discovery Channel cameras to Bakersfield, California, to solve a bed bug epidemic affecting several homes and families. Mike discovers the bed bugs have spread throughout a neighborhood to such an extent they are now found biting a baby in a crib. In this video reproduction of a portion of the Verminators episode, ISOTECH demonstrates the use of ThermaPureHeat® to resolve this problem. Because of the severity of this infestation, Mike believes the ThermaPure® process is the only solution.

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