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Drain Cleaning

Keep Your Drains Functioning Smoothly With Regular Drain Foaming

One of the most common pest problems in homes, restaurants, hospitals, schools and offices are flies that breed in or infest drains. In some cases, correct identification of fly species involved can help to locate all fly breeding sources and to choose correct methods of controlling the flying pests. One of the most common pests found in drains, are drain flies, which can be found anywhere where there is stagnant water. Drains are a common breeding ground.

Commercial establishments, as well as residential properties, often experience problems with drain flies and other pests that breed in drains without realizing that the drains are the source of the problem. In many cases the source of pest problems is found deep down in the drains which are found in floors, under heavy equipment or in washrooms. Magical Pest can provide experienced technicians to do commercial drain cleaning for your establishment. Our treatment involves drain foaming to eliminate any debris that may cause pest or drainage issues.

Badly maintained drains that often clog, leak or flood can cause problems such as sewage backup, or provide a water sources for other common household pests such as ants or rodents. The best way to combat this issue is with regular drain cleaning. Regularly cleaning drains with a drain foaming solution can prevent clogs and leaks that lead to other issues.

Magical Pest Control can look after any nuisances caused by drain clogs with an effective Drain Foaming Treatment. If you need help eliminating pests in your drains, contact us about our drain cleaning services.

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