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Fly Control

Get Rid of Flies With Fly Control Services From Magical Pest

Magical Pest Control understands the issues that occur when flies are too close for comfort, in your place of residence or your workplace. House flies and various types of flies are known to carry and spread diseases – which is why we provide many top of the line methods and options to assist in removing flies for good.

House flies can be a nuisance in your home, and a potential threat to your business. With many so many ineffective solutions to fly problems available, Magical Pest Control is pleased to offer one of the best methods available to get rid of flies. We use a superior and highly effective fly trap that uses light. Unlike other bug zappers that cause airborne contamination, our light fly trap attract flies and captures them in a non-toxic glue trap.

Removing flies thoroughly and quickly is of great importance to us. With toxins and diseases embedded carried by these annoying pests, Magical Pest Control approaches the situation with urgency and takes care to get rid of flies that threaten your health and safety. Our fly traps are highly universal and adaptable. They are easily installed almost anywhere – even in food preparation areas.

If you are having pesky pest problems with flies in your home, office, or building, contact Magical Pest Control today to learn more about our unique product.

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