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Garbage Chute Cleaning

Magical Pest Control provides specialized cleaning services which makes garbage chute cleaning easy and safe for the environment and your tenants. By completely removing all the gunk that has built up in the trash chute, the health risk and smell are taken care of.

Garbage chute cleaning is something that many apartment buildings, office buildings, and other commercial sites neglect, and this can be harmful for the tenants. When building tenants discard their trash into a garbage chute, bags have a tendency to open and/or rip. As this happens, any wet garbage will stick to the inner walls and dry garbage will stick to the wet garbage creating creating breading sites for Cockroaches and Flies, and odour problems.

Additionally, garbage chutes have a naturally occurring up-draft (similar to a chimney) which causes unhealthy odours and bacteria from inside the refuse chute walls to become airborne. These airborne pathogens and odours then enter public areas as tenants open the chute doors and dispose of their garbage.

Magical Pest Control can help eliminate all of the above with its Garbage Chute Foaming service. We will treat each Chute using a specialized foaming agent. The foam we distribute expands inside the chute allowing the product to get in all cracks and crevices.

Benefits of Cute Foaming include:

  • Removal of odour
  • Reducing health risks for tenants and staff
  • Removal of bacteria, viruses and build-up of garbage
  • Reducing risk of fire
  • Reducing rodent problems
  • Increasing longevity of chute, compactor and bin

Garbage chute cleaning should be used in conjunction with our effective odour control solution.

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