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Odour Control

Eliminate Odours Causing You Distress With Tried and True Odour Control

Bothersome odours in a home or business can be a source of annoyance, or even worse they can cause health issues such as nausea and headaches. Magical Pest Control provides expertise to eliminate odours the root of the problem. Our professional odour removal takes care to eliminate odours for good, instead of simply masking them with temporary scents.

There are effective odour control systems, and then there are systems that only provide odour masking. Many systems do nothing more than cover unpleasant odours with stronger scents – this doesn’t address the root problem and can lead to a worse odour or your previous odour returning.

The odour control system we use at Magical are installed at the source areas and work to neutralize unwanted odours, and leave a clean, fresh fragrance in its place. Magical Pest Control carries a variety of odour control systems from evaporation to industrial air mists and deodorants which will help you control odours in any residential, commercial or industrial property.

Areas we service include common odour sources such as:

  • Garbage rooms
  • Garbage and recycling chute
  • Refrigerators and places where food is stored
  • Fitness rooms
  • Main entrances, foyers & hallways
  • Restrooms
  • Party rooms
  • And others

Magical Pest Control goes above and beyond keeping your space pest-free – we also work with you to achieve an excellent overall level of cleanliness, ridding you of unwanted other unwanted problems, such as unpleasant scents.

Need odour control to eliminate a problem scent? Contact Magical Pest today. We’ll help you choose the odour control system that will work best in your location.

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