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Pest Prevention

Pest Prevention is the Key to a Safe and Healthy Environment

Magical Pest Control employs integrated pest management (IPM) methods, which are comprised of several steps that ultimately result in a safer environment. The four stages we follow are: prevention, observation, intervention, and exclusion.

Part of an effective pest prevention program is preventing pests from entering your home or business in the first place. Magical Pest Control uses a variety of pest control and pest exclusion services that keep pests out for good. The pest prevention methods we us range from providing temporary solutions, to permanent ones that require no further attention after initial installation. With a combination of pest sanitation, pest removal (if necessary), and pest exclusion, your home or business is guaranteed to be pest-free in the present and future.

If an animal is currently residing in your infrastructure, the topic of pest removal can sometimes be a sensitive one. Magical Pest Control works with you to determine the easiest, most effective, and overall safest approach that requires the least amount of maintenance. Our methods of pest prevention can involve structural modifications to deter roosting and nesting on a permanent basis.

Contact Magical Pest Control today so that we can evaluate your unique situation and coming up with a specific action plan for pest removal and pest prevention for the future.

Let us help you by providing options for approaching this pest control issue. Allow Magical to help pest-proof your home or business. Contact us now to set up a consultation.

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