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Raccoon Control & Removal in Toronto

Toronto is known for being the Center of the Hockey Universe, the home of the CN Tower, and being one of the most diverse and multicultural cities in the world.

raccoon-extermination-in-toronto-wildlife-control-torontoBut the city has also been dubbed the ‘Raccoon Capital of the World’, thanks to its rampant populations of the filthy, wily, and extremely adaptable rodent. Raccoon problems in Toronto are so well-known, the wildlife pests even made a cameo appearance on BBC’s hit documentary Planet Earth. Numbers suggest Toronto harbours 50 times more raccoons than the surrounding countryside.

If you haven’t experienced a raccoon infestation, you’re lucky. And there’s perhaps no better time to protect your home from raccoons, as prevention is the best form of wildlife control.

But if you’re already overrun by raccoon problems, spending double on disposable trash bags than the average household, Terminix Canada offers safe, humane, and environmentally-friendly raccoon control in Toronto.

Getting Rid of Raccoons with Integrated Pest Management

Our integrated pest management is how we devise unique solutions for different raccoon problems. Whether it’s a residential or commercial raccoon infestation, we mix and match a variety of pest control techniques to create custom solutions that are safe and effective.

We use inspection, monitoring, trapping, and, exclusion, to minimize pesticides usage, and maximize raccoon and wildlife control. Staying aware of how our services affect not only our customers, but the ecosystem, is essential to a safe environment for everyone (besides pests)!

We safely and humanely get rid of raccoons from your property or business

For more information on raccoon control in Toronto, or the best methods for raccoon control, contact us today!

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