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Your Establishment is a Reflection of Your Business – and that includes Washroom Care

Terminix Canada regards washroom care as an essential part of your business – and you should, too.

We offer more than pest control services. We work with you to achieve sanitation in every aspect of your home or business life. With this goal in mind, Terminix Canada has available technicians that will install our respected washroom odour control dispensing systems, leaving your washrooms with a clean, fresh fragrance and comfortable customers or employees.

How customers rate your establishment is often determined on the condition of your institution, and that includes washrooms. Our products keep your washrooms pristinely clean, and puts an end to spreading germs and smells.

The cleanliness of your establishment is a reflection of your business

Leave the right impression with your customers by installing our washroom odour control products. Be sure to ask us about our auto flush systems as well!

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