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Humane Wildlife Removal Services in Toronto


Preserve your property by keeping wildlife out with Terminix Canada’s humane & safe wild animal control services.

We specialize in both residential and commercial wildlife removal and control services, safeguarding you and your family from meddlesome animals wherever they turn up. From squirrels in the attic to emergency raccoon removal, we remove, control, and prevent the intrusion of wildlife to your home.

Our humane approach to wildlife removal leaves virtually no ecological footprint, and ensures no stress or harm comes to any animal.

Our wild control services in Toronto include:

Why Go Green with your Wildlife Control?

  1. We consider every logistic in wildlife removal: the construction of your home, the biology of the animal, their behaviour, all while doing our best to keep animal families together.
  2. Not only do we remove wildlife humanely, but clean, repair, and protect your home from further re-entries.
  3. Customized, hands-on removal and prevention techniques tailor-made for your unique wildlife problem, resulting in superior, effective solutions.

Humane & SafeWildlife Removal and Control Services in Ontario

Maintain the integrity and safety of your home by keeping wildlife out! Contact us today to learn more about our wildlife removal services, and how we can help you.

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