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Seven Pest Control ‘Tips’ that Will Never Work

June 28, 2016

You’ve just boiled a kettle of hot water, and the grits on the stove have finished cooking.

pest control tips pest infestations

Breakfast time?

Nope, it’s time to ruin the lives of many, many ants! Boiling water will wash away that ant infestation for good, and the grits are a ticking time bomb that’ll have the ants exploding when they drink water. These are pest control tips you read about in an unnamed blog on the internet after all, so it must be true.

Hold onto that ant fireworks dream. A lot of pest management ‘tips’ you’ll come across on the internet are, well, silly. These urban legends have spread to the point that they’re considered facts rather than the embarrassing fiction they truly are.

We’ll squash these accepted pest control tips, so you’re not stuck with ineffective pest management methods, or a fridge full of grits.

Throw Out Your Mattress to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

It’s logical to assume that a bed bug colony in your home would reside in your mattress. That’s true – the mattress, box spring, and bed frame are likely littered with bed bug nests.

But bed bugs aren’t exclusive to these areas, inhabiting other cracks and crevices around your home.

Throwing out your mattress will result in three things:

  • A continued presence of bed bugs in your home, since you didn’t get rid of them all
  • Sleeping on the couch (which may have bed bugs) until you buy a new mattress
  • Someone else picking up that sweet free mattress outside your house, adopting your bed bug problem. Way to go.

Daddy-Long-Legs Spiders Are Extremely Poisonous

This old wives tale says daddy-long-legs are loaded with potent poison, but we let them scurry around our homes anyway since their feeble fangs can’t penetrate human skin.

There’ve been no references to a human being bitten and poisoned by a daddy-long-legs spider. No toxicological studies testing the spider’s venom have been conducted either, probably because there’s never been a need for it. Simply, it’s a non-existent ‘problem’.

If that doesn’t convince you, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage laid this myth to rest in 2004 on their hit show ‘MythBusters’.

Cucumber Peels Keep Cockroaches Away

Have you heard the folksy remedy, ‘a cucumber a day keeps cockroaches away?’

Neither have we. Some say filling aluminum foil with fresh cucumber peels is a DIY talisman to ward off roaches. The odor created through the combination of produce and aluminum is said to be toxic to cockroach pests, but undetectable to humans.

Not only is there zero scientific evidence to back this up, the gullible few who’ve tried it confirmed cucumbers to be useless.

Termite Treatment by Your Neighbour Forces Termites to Your Home

This is a common misconception because people don’t realize how enormous termite colonies are. Several neighbouring houses can share the same termite colony.

When one home undergoes termite treatment, the termites in other homes may become more active, giving off the illusion there’re more termites than before.

You can’t create pest infestations in a home by eliminating one from another.

Bug Zappers Will Effectively End Mosquitoes’ Lives

That zapping sound from an electronic insect destroyer is oddly satisfying, but the majority of those executions are other bugs in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Bug zappers can kill a mosquito every now and then, but it won’t be responsible for a mosquito graveyard. Mosquitoes only make up 4-6% of what gets fried, and people who own zappers actually get stung more. Zappers are ineffective at killing mosquito hordes, but do a fine job of attracting them.

Pets Are the Only Way to Get Fleas

Don’t blame your dog for fleas in your home. Fleas are such good hitchhikers, they’d make Christopher McCandless jealous. They covertly bum rides on shoes, clothing, and small children to gain access to your home.

Once they’ve penetrated the fortress, it’s a gong show – fleas are unmatched in rapid offspring generation.

Adult Moths Wreck Your Clothing

Adult moths get the bad rep for chewing through clothing when it’s really their kids’ fault (it’s always their fault).

Grownup moths have no interest in eating your favourite shirt. The moth larvae are what you should be concerned with, responsible for those random holes poked throughout your wardrobe.

It’s tough deciphering what pest management methods are truly effective, and which ones are a farce. Leaving pest extermination to a professional pest control service will save you time and embarrassment.

Magical Pest knows how to truly eliminate pest infestations for good, relying on safe and proven methods that’re the standards of the industry. To learn more about our pest control service, contact us today.

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