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Simple Tips to Prevent Mice from Entering Your Home

February 6, 2015

With the colder weather settling in, mice are eager to move into your cozy home. Not only is does your house offer warmth, but it’s full of food and supplies that mice use to build their nests. What’s not to like? Your home is an oasis for these little pests.

If you don’t want to live with a family of mice for the winter, there are steps you can take to ensure your home is not accessible to mice looking to stay warm for the winter.

keep mice out of your home

Keep Mice Out of Your Home by Removing Their Food Supply

Mice are attracted to our homes because of the abundance of food they offer. The more food that is available for mice, the more likely they will build a nest and reproduce, resulting in a full mice infestation.

In order to prevent mice in your home, you need to remove their food source. Almost anything edible in your home can be a food source for a mouse, so keeping food sealed away is a must. When mice realize there is no food available, they will seek out a place with more easily attainable food sources.

1. Don’t Store Food Boxes on the Floor: Some food, like crackers or cereal, are stored in cardboard boxes that are easy for mice to chew through. If you leave these boxes on the floor of your pantry or cold cellar, you are inviting mice to move in. Keep the boxes on high shelves, or in plastic containers.

2. Make Sure Food Storage Containers are Tightly Sealed. If you choose to use plastic tupperware containers to store your food, ensure the lids are sealed tightly. This will keep the enticing smells that attract mice in, and pests out.

3. Clean up Spills Immediately. Spills happen, but the important thing is to make sure you clean them up right away. If you leave any crumbs or traces of food on the floors, you’re offering up a buffet to hungry mice looking for a quick and easy food source.

4. Don’t Leave Pet Food Out All Day. Pet food isn’t just appetizing to your four-legged friend; mice also enjoy pet food. Try to put pet food out only when your pet is ready to eat. If your pet has finished and there is still food in the dish, remove the dish until your pet’s next meal.

5. Clean up Outside. Regular maintenance around your home is essential when preventing mice from entering your home. If you remove garbage, pick up fallen scraps, seal any obvious holes or cracks in your foundation and keep chopped wood away from the home to deter mice from coming near your home. If the outside of your home doesn’t have food or nest supplies, chances are neither will the inside, and mice will move on.

Prevent Mice From Entering Your Home

Taking all the necessary steps to prevent mice from entering your home may require a little elbow grease and some home repair. Seal all your doors and windows to keep mice out of your home. Mice are able to fit in the smallest cracks, even if you think it might be too small. Mice are also excellent climbers, so even second-level windows should be secured.

Keeping all doors closed is also a must. This includes front doors, patio doors and garage doors. Use screen doors in the summer if you like having a breeze, but make sure to inspect the screens. Screens can have tears and holes in the fabric that will allow mice to get into your home. Use steel wool or hardware cloth if you are having issues with a screen door closing completely.

Another tip for keeping mice from entering your home is to allow cats to spend time on your property. Instead of shooing away the neighbours tabby, let it take a stroll around your yard. Cats are the natural enemy of mice, and their scent will scare off any mice that could potentially nest in your home or on your property.

A Clean Home is a Mouse Free Home

As we mentioned before, keeping your home clean is essential to keeping mice out. This ensures there is no food and no nest supplies for mice. Regularly vacuum and wash your floors to clean up any dust or paper that could be used for a nest, and any food crumbs. This will cut off a mouse’s food supply.

Purchasing a trashcan with a sturdy lid will also deter mice from your home. Again, it is all about cutting off the food supply. No food = no mice!

Repel Mice With Natural Methods

There are certain smells that mice just don’t like, and you can use them to naturally repel mice from your home. Leaving mint, bay leaves, mothballs, cayenne pepper, and even dryer sheets around the in and outside of your home will keep mice away. Always keep in mind the people you share your home with. If you have pets or small children, be aware of what you are putting around the home, and whether it is dangerous or accessible to your family.  

Get Rid of Mice With Professional Pest Extermination

If you’re having trouble keeping mice out of your home, Magical Pest Control can help. We eliminate any mice currently residing in your home. We also determine problem areas where mice might be getting into your home and help you secure it against future mice infestations.

To schedule an inspection or speak to one of our qualified exterminators call us at (905) 738-6676

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