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Can’t Get Rid of Ants? Why Your Home Remedy for Ants is Ineffective

You laughed at the sight of a measly ant in your house. Being a humongous human, what threat can one tiny ant possibly possess?

But ants are social insects – meaning if you’ve found one, others aren’t far behind. But hey, they’re still small, so you can probably manage the masses yourself with your own home remedy for ants.

Not so fast. While many homeowners take on ants in house with a DIY ant killer they found online, many of the recommended ants removal techniques are ineffective or temporary. We’ll tell you which home remedy for ants can work, why most don’t, and how to get rid of ants permanently from your home.

This DIY Ant Killer Isn’t Working!

problem-with-ant-baits-diy-ant-killerThere are tons of DIY ant killer recommendations online. If you have ants in house, you’ve probably come across a natural ant repellent like Borax/water/sugar, boiling water and dish soap, diatomaceous earth, coffee grounds, and vinegar numerous times.

They’re all different, and all equally ineffective.

The main problem with a makeshift home remedy for ants is they won’t solve the root of an ant problem, but simply kill ants in sight or act as a deterrent. They don’t have a residual, or lasting, effect like a professional ant exterminator can provide. As long as ants still have a way into your home and the colony is intact, more will come and find their way around your natural ant repellent.

Plus, some ant colonies can’t be reached without special equipment from a pest control company, rendering a DIY ant killer useless. Colonies and nests located in walls can’t be solved with a natural ant repellent. Outdoor colonies can extend far underground, which store-bought or homemade treatments will never breach.

The Problem with Ant Baits

cant-get-rid-of-antsYou may be seeing dead ants everywhere thanks to your store-bought ant bait, but they don’t solve the root of an ant problem either.

The concentration of poison in ant baits is so high that they can kill ants too quickly sometimes. That sounds like a positive, but quick-acting ant poison may kill ants so fast that they’re dead before they reach the colony – meaning the poison wasn’t distributed to the infestation. Therefore, the main problem will still persist. Plus, ants aren’t dumb – if there’s mortality associated with their feeding source, they will eventually abandon it and seek an alternative.

Rapid bait depletion can be a problem, too. Some ants are simply bigger, and will eat more –homeowners find their baits being depleted faster than they can put them down. You won’t be able to kill a colony fast enough because the bait is constantly diminishing.

Not only will your ant problem persist, but you’ll waste countless hours and dollars on nothing when you could’ve had a professional ant exterminator get the job done right.

How to Get Rid of Ants Permanently

how-to-get-rid-of-ants-permanentlyThe best way to get rid of pharaoh ants and carpenter ants in Ontario is learning how to prevent them in the first place. An ongoing service plan with a professional ant exterminator can help manage any ant infestation until it’s eradicated for good. An ant exterminator can determine a specific solution to your ant problem, devising an action plan to get rid of ants now and in the future.

A professional ant exterminator will set up indoor and outdoor treatments, locate and seal entry points to your home, and may even utilize insect growth regulators around the property.

On the part of the homeowner, proper sanitation is essential in getting rid of ants:

  • Most ant infestations begin as a hunt for food. So, the less accessible food is in your home, the more likely they’ll look somewhere else for a food source (aka, off your property). Sorry, neighbours.
  • Vacuum often, paying special attention to baseboards, behind furniture and appliances, and other less-frequented areas of your home.
  • Ants can find their way into your trash, making waste management another factor in getting rid of ants permanently. If you can, opt for the garbage disposal directly, rather than leaving food sitting in the trash.

For more information on types of ants in Ontario, visit our Pest Library. If you’re done searching online for another DIY ant killer or home remedy for ants, get in touch with Terminix Canada for an ant exterminator that actually works!

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