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Cockroach Control from Terminix

Terminix Canada understands the hazards associated with a cockroach infestation, especially when they’re harbouring in your home.

These notorious household pests are well known to spread disease and illness, which is why we work quickly once a cockroach infestation has been identified. We’re committed to providing you the best and most effective cockroach control techniques available in Canada.

A cockroach infestation of any size can be elusive, preferring to harbor in dark, damp hiding places. This makes it difficult to find and kill roaches without a dedicated cockroach killer – like Terminix’s cockroach extermination team.

Our cockroach extermination team will do an initial assessment of your home to determine the best method to kill roaches. If needed, our commercial-grade, chemical pest control treatments are safe, effective, and resolute cockroach killers – every cockroach will meet its scuttling end. And once they’re gone, they’re gone for good – our treatments ensure cockroach infestations will not reoccur, restoring your home to a safe and healthy environment.

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Cockroaches are hard to find, but if you see signs that they're in your home or business, call Terminix Canada now to set up a consultation with our pest control experts.

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