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Get Rid of Flies With Terminix Canada’s House Fly Removal Services

Terminix Canada understands the frustrations of a house fly infestation buzzing about your residence or workplace. House flies, and other types of domestic flies, are known to carry and spread diseases – which is why we provide many advanced methods and options to get rid of flies for good.

A house flies infestation can be a nuisance in your home, and a potential threat to your business. With so many ineffective solutions to fly problems in the market, Terminix Canada is pleased to offer you one of the most effective house fly removal methods available for a house fly infestation of any size.

How Fly Infestations Start

Flies are attracted to rotten organic matter that provides them sustenance and a place to lay their eggs, so any residence with overstuffed plastic bags of waste or poorly closed garbage lids is going to find flies in the house eventually. While there are many homemade fly remedies, such as putting apple cider vinegar or dish soap in spray bottles, are popular, these fly repellents are poor substitutes to proven fly bait and trapping methods used by professional pest control companies.

Advanced Methods to Get Rid of Flies in the House

We use a superior and highly effective fly trap that utilizes light. Unlike other bug zappers that cause airborne contamination, our light fly trap can attract your house flies infestation, and capture them in a non-toxic glue trap. Our fly traps are universal and adaptable, easily installed almost anywhere, even in food preparation areas.

Removing flies thoroughly and efficiently is of great importance to us. With toxins and diseases carried by these annoying pests, Terminix Canada approaches pest control for house flies with urgency, removing flies that jeopardize your health and safety.

Put a spotlight on your house fly infestation

If you are having pesky pest problems and can't get rid of flies your home, office, or building, contact Terminix Canada today to learn more about our unique pest control for house flies.

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