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Professional Pest Removal for Unwanted House Pests

If you’ve noticed some uninvited house guests – or, house pests – in your home, Terminix Canada provides preventative pest removal tips, tools for identifying different types of pests, and pest control services that eliminates those unwelcome visitors.

House pests are a common problem in Ontario. Our site contains the information you need on common pests in Ontario, in order to identify which pest control services are needed to neutralize the problem.

Our pest removal team can provide a thorough household pests inspection to identify the problem, and suggest a treatment plan specific to your infestation. Our pest exterminators have the skills and knowledge to identify and exterminate various types of termites, bed bugs, cockroaches, and other household bugs. Our team is continually researching the best methods of pest extermination to eliminate these harmful and pesky household bugs and pests, going above and beyond to protect you and your home from future pest problems.

Terminix Canada firmly believes that the safety of your family and home come first. By helping you understand the risks that pests impose, we hope that awareness will help you prevent pest problems in the future.

Browse through our Pest Library and downloads to learn more about the threats these bothersome pests can present, along with pest treatments tips and tricks for keeping them away for good!

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