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Prevent Pest Outbreaks Before They Happen

Terminix Canada utilizes organic, integrated pest management (organic IPM) methods as our form of specialized pest control, which is comprised of several steps that ultimately result in a safer environment.

The four stages of the IPM process are: prevention, observation, intervention, and exclusion.

Part of an effective pest prevention program is counteracting pests from entering your home or business in the first place. Terminix Canada uses a variety of pest control and integrated pest management techniques that keeps pests out permanently. The pest prevention methods we use range from providing temporary solutions for minor infestations, to permanent ones that require no further attention after initial installation. With a combination of pest sanitation, pest removal (if necessary), and IPM, your home or business is guaranteed to be pest-free now, and in the future.

Terminix Canada works with you to determine the least evasive, but most effective, pest control techniques to tackle your pest problem. Our methods of pest prevention even extends to structural modifications, deterring potential pest roosting and nesting on a permanent basis.

Contact Terminix Canada today to evaluate your unique situation, and devise specific pest control techniques for immediate pest removal, and pest prevention for the future.

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